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Make amazing videos and screen recordings with Camtasia, the best all-in-one video editor and screen recorder.

Record a video of your screen or bring in your own video footage. Then, use Camtasia’s drag-and-drop editor to easily create remarkable videos you can share with anyone. Keep your audience engaged by adding eye-catching animations, music, and captions in record time. With Camtasia, you’ll be able to produce stunning videos — even if you’ve never made one before. “more…”

• Cursor FX: Emphasize your mouse cursor to help viewers follow the action.
• Mobile Gesture Animations: Illustrate swipes, double taps, and other touch gestures.
• Freeze Region: Effortlessly remove unwanted mistakes and pop-up notifications during a screen recording with a professional finish.
• Stitching: Edit specific pieces of a clip and then automatically join together the clips of the same file, effects and all.

• Extended Frame: Give yourself a little more time to highlight specific points of interest.
• Device Framing: Add a frame around your videos to show off your apps like never before.
• Closed or Open Captions: Synchronize audio with onscreen caption text.
• Lock Tracks: Edit only the tracks you are working on while locked tracks remain unaffected from accidental changes.
• Turn Tracks Off: Turn tracks off when you want tracks to have muted audio or hidden visuals.
• Common Project File Format: Share Camtasia project files with WIndows devices, or bring projects created on Windows devices to Mac. (Requires Camtasia 9 on Windows)

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Version 3

15 November, 2016: Camtasia (Mac) 3.0.3

Made improvements to the TechSmith Smart Player
Bug fixes and improvements
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